The 12 Universal Principles Vol.1The 12 Universal Principles Vol.1

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So, today we wanted to take a moment and talk about the first of Dr. Ricks 12 Universal Principles of Combat.

The 12 Universal Principles Vol.1:

Balance Points.

No matter what system you prefer, whether its DNA, Tac Tec, Kali or any other style, there some fundamental truths that apply when it comes to physical confrontation with one or more opponents. Over the next few months we’re going to be going over these principles one by one.

First up are the Balance Points.

Balance Points refer to how the human body relates to its position relative to the ground using its own equilibrium.

The first and most important of these reference points is the Center of Balance Point which is located one to two inches below the navel give or take a bit depending on the persons body structure. This is the base for balance in the human body, if you can disrupt this point, your attacker can no longer keep their balance.

Next is an imaginary line between your opponents feet called the Balance Line. Picture a line going from one foot to the other, if you can get most of the attackers body weight over or behind this line, they can no longer stay standing up without moving their feet to try to catch their balance.

The Cross Line is another imaginary line that run across the Balance Line crossing directly under neither the Center Balance Point. This line works exactly like the Balance line except that you move the opponents body weight right or left instead of front and back.

Last is The Center Line. This line runs from your Center Balance Point to your bad guys Center Balance Point. This is very handy because every single strike know to mankind ends up here. Straight attacks follow the line directly in and round attacks start and end on this line. You’ve probably heard of this concept when you learned about stepping “off the line” with footwork.

If you keep these universal reference points in mind while drilling your techniques, you will find that a lot of things become much easier.

Also guys, don’t forget, Gym field trip to go watch the Avengers 2 is coming in a couple weeks on Saturday, May 9th.

Take care and train smart!!!


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