Universal Concepts # 6 & 7Universal Concepts # 6 & 7

Hey there everyone, so in this installment of our blog we would like to talk about Dr. RicksĀ Universal Concepts # 6 & 7.

So concept number 6 is the push-pull concept.

This basically entails the idea that when you’re doing take downs, joint locks or body manipulations you can significantly increase the kinetic power generated by your movement by not just pushing or pulling during the technique but by doing both. A great example of this theory is the wrist lock. Normally when your taught a wrist lock your taught to push the fingers back towards the shoulder or elbow, however if you pull the hand back towards yourself while pushing the fingers forward towards the bad guy suddenly the lock becomes much more effective. This principle can be applied to virtually every type of body lock or manipulation if you use a little bit of imagination.

Number 7 goes right hand in hand (yes pun intended) with number 6 and is joint manipulation.

The majority of the time people think of joint manipulations as being only locks but they can be used in a multitude of different ways. For example let’s look at the Dumog drop. This is a technique where you grab ahold of the wrist or hand and “roll” your forearm down and diagonally in towards yourself on the opponents elbow while pulling up on the hand or wrist resulting in his head dropping down and moving forward. Even though this is not a lock it is still using the attackers joint to manipulate where their head goes. It’s a fantastic way to put your bad guys head where you want it so you can defend yourself even more effectively. Again this concept can be used in a lot of different ways and will dramatically increase your techniques effectiveness.

Alrighty guys remember the Kids Karate and TacTec test in coming up soon on Saturday, May 28th, so get in as much training as possible and know that you know the material. Also the Kali test in coming up next month followed shortly by the Kinetix Defensive Method as well.

Have a wonderful week and we’ll see you soon!




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