Weight loss vs. fat loss.Weight loss vs. fat loss

So, it’s such an ingrained part of our societies mind set that weight loss equals getting closer to your goals and if you weigh the same you’re not making any progress. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you lose fat and gain lean muscle mass you might actually see the scale go up a little bit but Don’t Panic!!!

Fat loss is so much better health wise as well being much more effective if you’re trying to fit back into those skinny jeans or go down a belt loop.

Weight loss normally comes from a reduction in water weight, i.e. the more you sweat the lighter you become, however this means that you’re not burning any fat cells and that you’re walking around dehydrated. Fat loss occurs when your metabolism increase resulting in burning more fat calories for longer.

Simply put when you do traditional cardio it takes any where from 45-60 minutes before you even start touching your fat cells as fuel, where as when you do functional conditioning like the kickboxing classes here at Synergy you start use fat within the first 2-3 minutes and you keep your metabolism up for a minimum of 30 hours. And honestly who doesn’t what to burn fat for free and build lean sculpted muscle?Weight loss vs. fat loss




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