What to expect when you start working outWhat to expect when you start working out

Hi Synergy family, so this week we wanted to go over What to expect when you start working out.

Even before you start working out, you should take a in depth look at what your personal goals are.

If you’re looking to lose weight you’ll want a high intensity interval work out that includes both significant changes in your heart rate combined with compound muscle use. An example of this is when you hit the bags in the HitFit classes, the structure of this class elevates and drops your heart rate while every time you strike the bag your muscles react in the exact same way as doing a rep with a dumbbell. So you get more fat cells burned while you’re sculpting and toning your figure at the same time.

Maybe you want to put on a little bit of muscle mass or just feel better while doing normal everyday activities like playing with your kids or carrying in groceries from the car. Then you would want a workout plan that includes functional strength and conditioning. Something that uses the entire body as one single unit instead of trying to isolate a muscle group because that can lead to what’s known as “muscular imbalances” which is where most injuries come from. The NuYu bootcamps are a perfect example of this, targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time in movement that closely resemble everyday life, you cannot only get into the best shape of your life but get a well balanced physique as a side benefit.

Theres hundreds if not thousands of different workout plans out there, when you are making your choice you’re going to want to look for a couple different things:

  1. Is there a lot of repetition in the workouts or do they change frequently in order to keep your body guessing?
  2. Is there an intelligent plan laid out to get you the most benefit as possible?
  3. Is there a competent Instructor or tutorial to guide you thru the work out?
  4. And last but not least are the work outs fun? If not then theres a high probability you won’t stick with them…

So after you’ve made your choice here’s what’s gonna happen:

  1. First…you’re going to be sore, there’s no way around this…sorry.
  2. You’re going to be hungry…really hungry…like, can I eat that houseplant hungry. Your body is using more fuel due to the increase in activity, so make good choices, stay away from the chips and cookies.
  3. After the first few times you’ll notice you’re not quite as sore, your body will start to adapt to the extra workload and deal with the lactic acid better.
  4. In 4-6 weeks or so, people will start asking if you’ve lost weight? Now you’ll probably not notice this yourself because you look at you everyday while other people don’t so they’ll see your progress first.
  5. In the first 6-9 weeks, give or take, your clothes will remarkably grow larger…weird…
  6. By week 12ish you’re going to start to notice some changes in your body.
  7. And finally no matter how long you’ve been working out, no matter how much you’ve improved…it’s never going to get easier your just going to keep getting better…and no matter what your always going have a love/hate relationship with the Trainer…..

So there ya go, What to expect when you start working out in a nutshell.

No matter your goals or reasons to start, go for it, working out is simply the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

Side Note:

TacTec Testing is coming up on Saturday the 30th at the normal class time. Good Luck!!!

Have a great week guys, stay warm if your out in the snow and remember YOU ROCK!!!!!




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