gym104aThe best nutrition plan for fat loss.

It happens to almost everyone, they start an exercise program, see some results and then…BAM no more progress.

While there are many reason why this could be, the most common one is the nutrition side of things.

Nutrition plays an extremely important role in any fat loss plan, accounting for 80% of the end result, there is an old saying in the fitness industry “you can’t outrun a doughnut on the treadmill.” Simply put this means that no matter how hard you workout or how effective your routine is, if your diet isn’t dialed in then you just won’t see the result you want.

In a nut shell the best plan to reduce stored white fat cells is to stick to these major food group the majority of the time:

Lean Meats: Beef, Poultry Game Meats etc.

Seafood: Basically any thing that came out of the ocean as long as it’s not dipped in batter and deep fried.

Vegetables: The more colors you can included the better!!!

Fruits: Same as above, the more variety you can included the better.

Nuts and Seeds: Any nut except peanuts and any and all types of seeds.

Quick note on some common mistakes, potatoes are not a veggie there a tuber, try swapping out sweet potatoes.

Now your probably thinking to yourself,  “But what about carbs?” Well, yes we do need whole carbohydrates in our nutrition plan but, the human body really only needs carbs on the days when were going to be exerting ourselves i.e. on our intense workout days.

Also, it is remarkable hard to follow this plan 24/7, and taking a “cheat” day or two “reward” meals per week is totally fine and in fact will result in a metabolic reset for the remainder of the week, resulting in even better progress.

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